How to Wear a Denim Jacket With Jeans: 6 Outfits for Women


Denim on denim (or the Canadian tuxedo, as some call it) is often described as one of the more divisive outfit ideas. There may be some that even deem it as one of those polarizing fashion “mistakes,” but me and my fellow editors are over those antiquated rules. So yes, denim on denim—especially a denim jacket with jeans—is one of the only looks I want to wear right now. I started wearing this specific look a few seasons ago, and I want to embrace it even more as we head into fall. And I’m not alone, the fashion crowd continues to embrace this ensemble as a chic and laid-back choice.

Below you’ll check out the inspiration that showcases how the style set is wearing a denim jacket with jeans. While the two pieces (the jacket and jeans) are the same throughout (in different washes and cuts), each look in question features other basics and trend-forward picks to give you a range of ideas. Keep scrolling for more, along with product recommendations.


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