How to play Marvel Snap right now


The latest game in the Marvel universe is in closed beta right now. That’s right, Marvel Snap – a new card game from Marvel, Nuverse, and Second Dinner – brings all your favourite heroes into the perfect mobile game genre. But how can you get started duking it out with your favourite superheroes?

Well, you need to work out how to play Marvel Snap, which isn’t exactly straightforward. The game is currently in closed beta and only available in certain regions. By certain regions I actually mean one place – the Philippines. But what do you do if you’re not Philippino? We can help there too, don’t worry.

So, read on to find out how to play Marvel Snap right now. To get off to the best start, check out our Marvel Snap decks guide. Or, for something different in the Marvel universe, we’ve got a MCoC tier list, Marvel Future Revolution tier list, and a Marvel Future Revolution Spider-Man guide, so you never have to leave your heroes again.

How to play Marvel Snap on iOS

Marvel Snap is only out in the Philippines, so to play it on iOS you have to convince your iPhone that’s where you are. Fortunately, that’s not too tricky. All you have to do is create a new Apple ID with the region set to the Philippines, log in to the App Store with the ID, and then search up Marvel Snap. Easy peasy lemon something-or-other.

Marvel Snap artwork showing various heroes around the Marvel Snap logo pulling poses.

How to play Marvel Snap on Android

Thanks to Android’s openness, it’s pretty easy to download Marvel Snap on Android. You can find the Marvel Snap APK and get started right away. Of course, be warned, the game is not fully released yet, so you may experience some bugs or glitches.

How to play Marvel Snap on PC

Marvel Snap is not currently playable on PC – unless you want to try out an emulator – but we’ll update this page as soon as there’s a more straightforward method.

That’s all the ways to play Marvel Snap. For a game that’s a lot easier to play right now, check out our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review to see why we like it so much.


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