How Murray Bartlett’s Physical Character Emulates Influencers


The term “influencer” may be unique to younger generations, but it’s not as if there weren’t similar figures in the ’80s.

If anything, influencers have been around for decades and Murray Bartlett‘s character in Apple TV+’s Physical reminds us of that. 

In episode three, released June 17, Sheila (Rose Byrne) stumbles upon the Vincent “Vinnie” Green (Bartlett) workout studio, where she meets the enigmatic fitness trainer. He’s incredibly toned, has a ton of energy and is passionate about working up a sweat. As he guides students through a cool down, he tells them that his dog died and while seeking comfort, he nearly reached out to three old friends: “sugar, butter and salt.”

“But do you know what I did?” he continues. “I came here instead. It’s one little step toward a healthier, better life.” And just like that, Sheila is hooked on Vinnie’s class. 

On its face, this little speech is meant to inspire students, but Murray told E! News, “It’s part genuine, part manipulation.” 


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