How Meghan Trainor Feels About Writing Sexier Songs With Her Brothers


Meghan Trainor‘s latest album may be her sexiest yet thanks to some surprising collaborators: her brothers Ryan and Justin Trainor.

And, as she admitted, that wasn’t awkward at all. Take, for instance, her upcoming song “Dance About It.”

“It’s like, ‘Let’s just like hookup and have a good night,'” she explained on E! News’ Daily Pop on July 7 of the lyrics. “And I’m like, ‘God, I’m writing this with my bros.’ But it’s just like normal for us. We’re just writing songs, telling stories.”

And while some songs are steamy, others are a bit more serious, like “Bad For Me,” about a difficult relationship with a family member. It’s a song she’s happy to see others can relate to  

“I like when people take it into their own world and their own life situations,” Meghan told Justin Sylvester. “On TikTok, I see a lot of people telling their stories in it. It makes me emotional and makes me feel like, ‘Oh, it’s important that we put this out.'”


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