How Judge Greg Mathis Encouraged His Son to Come Out


Mathis Family Matters is without a doubt the feel-good show of the summer, but that doesn’t mean the new series shies away from serious topics. 

Judge Greg Mathis, Sr. and his eldest son, Greg Jr., spoke exclusively to E! News about one such topic: Greg Jr.’s tendency to hide his sexuality. As the family patriarch explained, “Greg and I had an [onscreen] discussion about him not sharing his sexuality or being gay with the general public, his friends and others.”

“I thought he had because he shared it with us at age 18 and moved to Washington, D.C. and has been there for over a decade and that’s a gay-friendly town,” Judge Mathis continued. “So I was shocked that he hadn’t, and there are moments there that are very emotional in the sense that I let him know that he has to fight.”

What shocked the longtime television personality even more, he said, was one of the reasons Greg Jr., 33, hadn’t publicly come out: Not just for fear of people criticizing Greg Jr., but also, his father.


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