HBO Responds to PETA Over On-Set Death of The Gilded Age Horse


“HBO was saddened to learn that on June 28, during filming on the set of The Gilded Age, a horse collapsed and died, likely of natural causes, according to a veterinarian’s preliminary findings,” the network said in a statement to E! News. “The safety and well-being of animals on all our productions is a top priority, and the producers of The Gilded Age work with American Humane to ensure full compliance with all safety precautions.”

The network claims to have followed all of the proper precautions and a better understanding of what exactly happened will come in time.

“Following AHA’s [American Humane Association] recommendation, the horse was transported to a facility for a full necropsy,” HBO said. “AHA has interviewed all involved personnel, and full necropsy results are pending.”

According to Deadline, the horse, who had experience in the industry, began filming a scene 15 minutes after a one-hour rest period. As for the scene in question? The publication said the shot, which took place on a days in the 70s, included a carriage and two passengers.

After the horse collapsed, filming was wrapped for the day.


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