Gucci’s 2022 Resort Collection: 16 Must-See Items


Move over, coffee mugs and tacky tees. Gucci’s 2022 Resort Collection has swooped in and taken your place as must-have memorabilia from our favorite cool-girl vacation spots from Miami to Palm Desert to the Hamptons. Even though I’m not typically a souvenir person (and sadly, I’m not vacation-bound anytime soon), I’m very much here for this fashion moment that’s as luxurious and on-trend as the destinations these color palettes are paying tribute to. Narrowing down my picks was like choosing a favorite vacation spot—a borderline impossible task. Every summer must-have is here. I’m talking colorful swimwear, oversize tote bags, and woven accessories galore. Whether you’re on the move this summer or want to reminisce about past trips, you can’t miss these 16 items.


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