Georgetown Parent Acquitted in Admissions Case


Amin Khour, a Georgetown University father, was acquitted Thursday on charges that he paid $180,000 in cash to Gordon Ernst, Georgetown’s tennis coach, to have his daughter admitted, The New York Times reported.

The case was similar to the Varsity Blues cases, but was not one of them. In this case, a different middleman was involved. Khour’s defense was that such payments are sought by many universities.

Khour’s lawyer, Roy Black, said: “Georgetown had a team of people that researched what the father did, what his income was, how much their homes cost. They figured they could get somewhere between one and five million from him, that’s how cynical this is.”

He added: “I tried to emphasize to the jury that the federal government had no part in getting into these private businesses. These schools are private businesses that spend 24 hours a day fund-raising, and there’s no tax dollars involved, no government officials involved, no government policies. So No. 1, the federal government should not be involved in it.”

Georgetown officials were not available for comment.





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