Genshin Impact birthdays – all birthdays and mail


Character Birthday date Constellation Gift Traveller Player’s choice Viator (male) or Viatrix (female) Cake for Traveller (on consumption, you receive one Fragile Resin and a copy of the cake which can no longer be used) Thoma January 9 Rubeum Scutum 2022: One Delicious Butter Crab, one Delicious Mixed Yakisoba, and one Warmth Diona January 18 Feles 2021: ten loach pearls and one Definitely Not Bar Food
2022: ten luminescent spines and one Definitely Not Bar Food Rosaria January 24 Spinea Corona 2022: ten windwheel asters, one Dinner of Judgement  Beidou February 14 Victor Mare 2021: ten violetgrass, two Flash-Fried Filet
2022: ten noctilucous jade, one Flash-Fried Filet Kokomi February 22 Dracaena Somnolenta 2022: one Guide to Transience, one A Stunning Stratagem Bennett February 29 Rota Calamitas 2021: one everflame seed, one Teyvat Charred Egg
2022: one Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth, one Teyvat Charred Egg
Qiqi March 3 Pristina Nola 2021: ten whopperflower nectar, one No Tomorrow
2022: ten wheat, one No Tomorrow
Shenhe March 10 Crista Doloris 2022: one Heartstring Noodles, ten whopperflower nectar Jean March 14 Leo Minor 2021: ten philanemo mushrooms, one Invigorating Pizza
2022: three windwheel aster, two chaos core, one Invigorating Pizza
Noelle March 21 Parama Cordis 2021: three Satisfying Salad, three Lighter-Than-Air Pancakes
2022: five Adventurer’s Experience, one Lighter-than-air pancakes
Ayato March 26 Cypressus Custos TBA Aloy April 4 Nora Fortis 2022: ten meat, one Satiety Gel Xiao April 17 Alatus Nemeseos  2021: ten crystal cores, one Sweet Dream
2022: five starconch, one Sweet Dream
Diluc April 30 Noctua 2021: one Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt, five Apple Ciders
2022: ten valberries, one Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt
Gorou May 18 Canis Bellatoris 2022: ten sango pearls, one Victorious Legend Yun Jin May 21 Opera Grandis 2022: one Cloud-Shrouded Jade, five Grilled Tiger Fish, two Pop’s Teas Fischl May 27 Corvus  2021: ten crystal cores, one Die Heilige Sinfonie
2022: ten sakura blooms, one Die Heilige Sinfonie 
Paimon June 1 N/A 2021: five sugar, five flour, ten slime condensate
2022: five sugar, five flour, five sunsettia
Itto June 1 Taurus Iracundus  2022: ten lavender melons, one Way of the Strong Lisa June 9 Tempus Fugit 2021: ten calla lilies, one Mysterious Bolognaise
2022: one Mysterious Bolognaise, two Wolfhook Juice
Venti June 16 Carmen Dei 2021: ten windwheel asters, one A Buoyant Breeze
2022: ten cecilia, one A Buoyant Breeze
Yoimiya June 21 Carassius Auratus 2022: two sugar, one Summer Festival Fish, two Taiyaki Raiden Shogun June 26 Imperatrix Umbrosa 2022: two Tricolor Dango, two Sakura Mochi, two Dango Milk Yae Miko June 27 Divina Vulpes 2022: ten sakura blooms, one Fukuuchi Udon Barbara July 5 Crater 2021: ten dandelion seeds, one Spicy Stew
2022: ten calla lily, one spicy stew
Sara July 14 Flabellum 2022: five kageuchi handguard, five old handguard, one Faith Eternal Hu Tao July 15 Papilio Charontis  2021: ten violetgrass, one Ghostly March
2022: one Ghostly March, ten redrot bait
Childe/Tartaglia July 20 Monoceros Caeli 2021: five starsilver, five chilled meat, one A Prize Catch
2022: five sausage, five cheese, one A Price Catch
Heizou July 24 Cervus Minor 2022: ten onikabuto, one the Only Truth Klee July 27 Trifolium 2021: one juvenile jade, one Fish-Flavored Toast
2022: one guide to freedom, one Fish-Flavored Toast
Kuki Shinobu July 27 Tribulatia Demptio 2022: ten naku weed, one Omurice Waltz Yanfei July 28 Bestia Iustitia 2021: one guide to prosperity, one My Way
2022: five sanctifying unction, one My Way
Amber August 10 Lepus 2021: ten dandelion seeds, one Outrider’s Champion Steak Ningguang August 26 Opus Aequilibrium 2021: one glaze lily, eight Qiankun Mora Meat Mona August 31 Astrolabos 2021: three teachings of gold, one Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss (Life) Chongyun September 7 Nubis Caesor 2021: ten silk flowers, one cold noodles with Mountain Delicacies  Razor September 9 Lupus Minor 2021: ten ceclilias, one Puppy-Paw Hash Brown Albedo September 13 Princeps Cretaceus  2021: two berry & mint bursts, one Woodland Dream Ayaka September 28 Grus Nivis 2021: ten sakura blooms, one Snow on the Hearth Xingqiu October 9 Fabulae Textile 2021: three teachings of ballad, one All-Delicacy Parcels Xinyan October 16 Fila Ignium 2021: ten cuihua wood, one Rockin’ Riffin’ Chicken  Sayu October 19 Nyctereutes Minor  2021: ten unagi meat, one Dizziness-Be-Gone no Jutsu Version 2.0 Eula October 25 Aphros Delos 2021: one guide to resistance, one Stormcrest Pie Kazuha October 29 Acer Palmatum 2021: one guide to elegance, one All-Weather Beauty Xiangling November 2 Trulla 2020: ten slime condensate, one Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish
2021: five pufferfish, one Chili-Mince Cornbread Buns, one Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish Keqing November 20 Trulla Cementarii  2020: ten cor lapis, one Survival Grilled Fish
2021: ten qingxin flowers, one Survival Grilled Fish Sucrose November 26 Ampulla 2020: one hurricane seed, ten Nutritious Meal (V.593)
2021: five spectral nucleus, one Nutritious Meal (V.593) Kaeya November 30 Pavo Ocellus 2020: five apple cider, one Fruity Skewer
2021: ten crystal cores, one fruity skewer Ganyu December 2 Sinae Unicornis  2021: five qingxin, one qingxin seed, one Prosperous Peace Zhongli December 31 Lapis Dei 2020: one philosophies of gold, one Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup
2021: one dream solvent, one Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup


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