FemTec Health scoops up nutrition platform Nutrimedy


FemTec Health announced Monday it had acquired nutrition platform Nutrimedy, the latest in a spate of deals from the women’s health startup.

Nutrimedy allows users to take photos of their food to log their meals and offers nutrition recommendations. FemTec said it will integrate the tool into its Awesome Woman direct-to-consumer platform, which sends products like at-home tests and supplements to customers’ homes and provides telehealth visits.

The news comes about a week after FemTec announced it had purchased Ava AG, maker of a wearable that aims to detect the user’s fertility window. 

“For many health conditions, nutrition is a key, but often neglected, component,” Kimon Angelides, founder and CEO of FemTec, said in a statement. “Adding Nutrimedy’s robust, evidence-based clinical nutrition platform to the Awesome Woman program will be a game-changer for our subscribers. Whether it’s to optimize pregnancy planning, manage menopause symptoms, or for general wellness and prevention, research shows women are seeking personalized, science-backed nutritional support that’s easy to use and that they can trust.”


Founded in 2020, FemTec officially launched in October 2021 with more than $38 million in investor dollars and another three acquisitions: beauty box company Birchbox, cosmetics company Mira Beauty and social marketing platform Liquid Grids. It announced its direct-to-consumer program earlier this year

Digital women’s health startups have steadily grown in funding over the past few years, though experts argue there’s more opportunity in the space. Reproductive and maternal health was the fifth-highest funded clinical area in Rock Health’s investment report on the first half of 2022, bringing in $0.6 billion so far. 

Meanwhile, there are a number of women-focused digital health companies. Maternal care startups Cayaba Care and Mahmee raised Series A rounds this year. Ruth Health, which provides virtual pelvic-floor physical therapy, C-section recovery and lactation consulting, announced $2.4 million in seed funding in April. Evernow recently raised $28.5 million for its menopause-focused service. 

Other women-focused digital health companies include Alpha Medical, Tia and Maven Clinic


“Nutrimedy was started with the mission to improve access to nutrition in healthcare and make it significantly more personalized and actionable in our hectic daily routines. Within the field of nutrition, conflicting and confusing misinformation is pervasive and prevents most people from making the best decision for their individual health,” Nutrimedy CEO and cofounder Karolina Starczak said in a statement. “This is especially true in women’s health, where quick fixes and false promises prevent women from accessing viable solutions to their medical and nutritional needs.”


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