Even David Spade Can’t Believe Zendaya & Tom Holland Lost Best Kiss


The MTV Movie & TV Awards has been caught in a web of tweets from #Tomdaya fans.

During the June 5 ceremony, Tom Holland and Zendaya lost the iconic Best Kiss award to Jackass Forever‘s Poopies and, um, a snake, sparking a social media frenzy. A surprised David Spade, who helped present the award, could even be heard on a hot mic asking his co-presenter, Sex/Life‘s Sarah Shahi, “They beat Zendaya?”

The subtle moment got fans’ Spidey senses tingling, with one Twitter user writing, “NO WAY DID JACKASS WIN BEST KISS AND NOT TOM AND ZENDAYA!!! WTF.” Meanwhile, another fan tweeted, “you really telling me zendaya and tom didn’t win best kiss but instead the snake and dude from jackass????? this some bs.”

While the Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars and IRL couple lost the Best Kiss category, the pair—who have yet to comment and did not attend the ceremony—are still feeling victorious. After all, Tom nabbed the Best Performance in a Movie award for his role as Spider-Man, while Zendaya won for Best Performance in a Show for her work on HBO’s EuphoriaSpider-Man: No Way Home also won for Best Movie.


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