Evan Bass Reveals Transformation—But Don’t Call It a Revenge Body


Evan Bass may no longer be in Paradise, but he’s still turning up the heat with his recent photos.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum flashed his abs in a shirtless selfie shared to Instagram on June 23, later revealing quitting pasta helped him on his fitness journey.

“Workout with someone that knows what they’re doing,” he said while offering his tips, noting trainer Josh Stiglets “@joshstigletsfitness changed my life and then finally convinced me to quit bread, bad carbs, simple sugars and alcohol and that’s how I lost fat.”  

Evan has gone through a lot of change over the past two years, including splitting from fellow Bachelor Nation star Carly Waddell in 2020. But when a follower asked if “this is a revenge body,” Evan—who shares two children with Carly and has three kids from a previous marriage—scoffed at the idea.

“There can be no revenge when u have kids together,” he replied. “As an aside, there are also no sides in a divorce with kids cuz the kids are the only damn side to take and how dare y’all tryna take sides back in the day (I’m over it…no seriously, ok—no I’m not—I’m pissed. It’s so stupid).”


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