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August 5, 2022: We added new Era of Althea codes to our list!

If you’re the sort of Roblox player who craves adventure, Era of Althea is the perfect game for you. It’s relatively new, and it fires you into an explorable world that challenges you to become an expert fighter. You’ll battle through dungeons, cast magic spells, and partner up with friends to take on challenging dungeons. You can even form a guild if you’re socially inclined.

Overall, this is not the easiest adventure you’ll encounter, so you’ll need all of the help you can get. Fortunately for you, Pocket Tactics has your back, so we’ve rounded up a bunch of Era of Althea codes that provide you with a plethora of goodies, including free spins. We’ll also keep this guide updated with any new codes that come in, so make sure to check back often.

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Era of Althea codes

Active codes:

  • DamnMyBad – 75 spins (new!)
  • DetestFiveSpins – five spins (new!)
  • RankedMobileUsers – eye colour reroll (new!)
  • ChadMobileUsers – 30 spins (new!)
  • BugFixes! – spins (new!)
  • 1MillionVisits – 75 spins (new!)
  • DEMONUPDATE1!! – spins
  • DetestThrewItBackOnMe – 50 spins

Expired codes:

  • MidTest
  • 2KActive!
  • 75KVisits!
  • 75KMembers!
  • 50KVisits!
  • 5KMembers!
  • 1.5KPlayers!
  • HairReroll6!
  • EyeReroll5!
  • BACKUP!!
  • ReadTheToad1
  • ImThonkingAboutIt!
  • NewUpdate??
  • ShutdownforForFixesA!
  • AhwokenTwitter!
  • MaineEOA
  • 25LIKES!
  • MyApologies!
  • AltheaHype!
  • ShutdownForFixes!
  • ShutdownForFixes2!
  • 15KLIKES!
  • EOA
  • 1500Likes
  • 3000Likes
  • 6000Likes2
  • TrueSupport!

What are Era of Althea codes?

Era of Althea codes are combinations of letters that you can redeem in-game to receive free goodies direct from the developer. They’re safe and completely official, so you have nothing to worry about by redeeming them.

How do I redeem Era of Althea codes?

To redeem your Era of Althea codes, simply perform the following steps:

  • Open the in-game menu
  • Click the settings cog
  • A ‘Codes’ field will appear in a settings menu on your right
  • Copy and paste in the code and click ‘Redeem Code’

How do I get more Era of Althea codes?

That’s the easy part: simply bookmark this page and we will update it regularly as the developer releases new codes.


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