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Last year, GameTomo brought the emotional narrative adventure game Sumire to Nintendo Switch and PC. A few months ago, the developer announced that Sumire is coming to iOS. I loved Sumire on Nintendo Switch, and I’m glad to see it out now on iOS as a premium release. The macOS version was updated on the App Store to add in iPadOS and iOS support. If you haven’t heard of Sumire, it is a one-day journey through a gorgeous Japanese village where you take on the role of Sumire who is trying to make her wish come true. Read Shaun’s review of the Nintendo Switch version of Sumire here. Watch the Sumire iOS and iPadOS release trailer below:

While the gameplay in Sumire isn’t anything special, the real draw is the way the narrative, characters, art, and music come together for a memorable experience. As you make decisions over a single day, Sumire experiences various memories, emotions, and more while interacting with new and old friends. Sumire is priced at around $14.99 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Sumire is now available on the App Store for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS here for $5.99. It will launch on Android in the future. You can pre-register for the Android version of Sumire here. Check out the Sumire soundtrack here and the official website here. Have you played Sumire on PC or Nintendo Switch yet or were you waiting on the iOS version?


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