Drew Barrymore’s Dating App Struggles Are All Too Relatable


Perhaps Drew should simply change her strategy. After all, as she herself pointed out on Daily Pop, “Who needs dating apps when you’ve got DMs?”

Meanwhile, the actress is trying to court one man in particular—but not for romantic reasons. Asked about her dream talk-show guest, the host admitted, “I just want to interview Tom Cruise so badly.”

“I’ve said it since day one,” Drew continued. “I love Tom Cruise. My whole life, I have been obsessed with him.”

And now that he’s about to embark on a press tour for the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Drew’s working hard to recruit him for a sit-down. “I’m just not his type, so I’m not fooling myself about that,” she said after Justin asked whether he’d be a good date. “I just want to interview him. I’m such a fan and I would love to have an enriched, amazing conversation with him.”


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