Dream Kardashian Steals the Spotlight in Cute Video With Kris Jenner


Lights, camera, action!

Dream Kardashian recently appeared in a new ad for Amazon’s video-call and entertainment system Amazon Glow, and her co-star was none other than her grandmother Kris Jenner.

Set at “6:56 a.m. somewhere in California,” the spot featured the momager hosting her third meeting of the day. But instead of hopping on a business call, Kris joined a video chat with her 5-year-old granddaughter. 

“Hi Dream!” she said. “Thanks so much for squeezing me in this morning.”

After going over the daily agenda—including whether they should read a book, draw a picture or play a game—the two decided to enjoy a round of Memory Match. 

“I actually have a great memory,” Kris said. “I can remember the names of all of my children and almost all of my grandchildren.” 

(Hey Kris! If you want to share the name of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s baby boy, we’re all ears).


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