Don’t sleep on the Citizen Sleeper release date


Fans of In Other Waters and narrative sci-fi games you’re in luck, as we finally have the Citizen Sleeper release date. A space-based text-heavy title where you navigate the hurdles of extra-terrestrial living on a space station. Citizen Sleeper looks like a complex and satisfying game for anyone who loves to get lost in the lore of a world. Can you stay alive and keep your friends safe in space?

So when is the Citizen Sleeper release date? Well the title hits Nintendo Switch on May 5, 2022, so just a short few weeks away. We fell in love with In Other Waters when it launched in 2020, and Citizen Sleeper seems to take the fantastic writing and presentation of that game, and wrap it around a sci-fi RPG that explores the remains of interplanetary capitalism. If you’ve read too much Asimov or Arthur C Clarke, this could be the perfect game for you.

While we don’t know a tremendous amount about the gameplay yet, the trailers show how you navigate your life on the space station by maintaining many daily tasks, while also trying to foster friendships as you explore. We’re not sure how the RPG mechanics come into play, but we can’t wait to find out for ourselves next month.

Check out the stylish trailer below to get a taste of space and what Citizen Sleeper is all about.

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When is the Citizen Sleeper release date?

The narrative sci-fi RPG game Citizen Sleeper releases on Nintendo Switch on May 5, 2022.
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