Digimon Survive digivolution – how to evolve your ‘mons


While Digimon Survive’s narrative-orientated leanings might not be as battle infused as some other ‘mon titles, you still need to digivolve your trusted partner if you want to unleash their true power. So, whether you’re looking to transform Takuma’s Agumon into the legendary Greymon, or level up Lopmon into the hard-hitting Turuiemon, we’ve got you covered.

In our Digimon Survive digivolution guide, we’ve brought together all the tips and tricks you need to power up your digital monsters to their full forms in a brand new world of adventure. That’s right, despite the story-driven nature of the latest Digimon game, you still need to keep your creatures fighting fit, especially as you approach the challenging end-game content. 

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How does Digimon Survive digivolution work? 

In Digimon Survive, digivolution has gone through a bit of a makeover, creating a system that’s closer to the anime method of consistently evolving and de-evolving rather than other monster-based RPGs with permanent transformation. Not only that, but there are different evolutionary paths for each Digimon, offering you some variety in the results of your powering up. 

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The metric you need to pay attention to when attempting a digivolution in battle is SP, as if you do transform your Agumon into a more powerful version of itself, it’ll return to its rookie state once its SP is depleted. This is especially true if you choose to evolve your Digimon yourself, so it’s a good idea to wait for evolution to happen naturally, as it can if your creature gains enough data through battle, rather than draining your SP resources. 

As you can see below, there are three Digimon who we’re still not sure about in terms of their Champion evolution. Of course, we’ll be back to update this list with all the evolutionary forms and methods when the Digimon Survive release date arrives. 

Rookie (stage one) Champion (stage two) 
Agumon Greymon/Tyrannomon
Labramon Dobermon
Falcomon Diatrymon
Kunemon TBA
Floramon TBA
Lopmon Turuiemon
Dracmon Sangloupmon
Syakomon TBA

There you have it, all you need to know about Digimon Survive digivolution, gearing you up for a good time with Greymon. If you’re looking for another new adventure with old friends, why not check out our Disney Mirrorverse review, and then go ahead and pick up some freebies with our Disney Mirrorverse codes.


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