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Days before its launch in China, Activision Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal surpassed 20 million downloads worldwidePassing the milestone on July 23rd, the company also confirmed player rewards for those who log in, with gold, a Legendary Crest and more available.

Diablo Immortal’s Chinese launch was delayed by more than a month, finally releasing on July 25 on iOS and Android via publisher NetEase, who also co-developed the game. The delay is reported to be as the result of a social media post taken as criticism of China’s president.

In spite of this, the new release plans went ahead as expected, despite concerns that the July 25 release date could change again. At the time of the original delay, NetEase claimed that it was a result of its need to enhance content.

This caused NetEase’s stocks to fall to $136 on June 20 from a six-month peak of $172.50 10 days earlier. Diablo Immortal was also delayed – although not as dramatically – in Indonesia, Hong Kong and other Asia-Pacific markets.

When Diablo Immortal first released in other territories, it made more than $24 million in its first two weeks, even as the franchise’s first F2P title.


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