Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date, characters, and more


Sweet treats are on the horizon, with Cookie Run: OvenSmash coming to mobile this year. The spin-off from the popular Cookie Run series is described as a “colourful battle royale”, and with the word smash so apparent in the title, it’s not a wild guess to assume this is going a Smash Bros. clone with an extra spoonful of sugar.

With no footage from the game yet, we’re hoping we might see some trailers soon and figure out what kind of candy cane chaos we’ll get up to when the Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date arrives. What we do know, is that all your favourite Cookies from the Cookie Run saga will make an appearance, alongside new cakey cutout characters to take into battle. 

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When is the Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date? 

Unfortunately, it looks like Cookie Run: OvenSmash is still a little underdone, and the development team still isn’t ready to share an exact release date. However, we can infer from the official website that Devsisters is looking to launch the latest Cookie Run title before the end of the year, so you don’t have too long to wait before satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date characters

What characters are in Cookie Run: OvenSmash?

Again, as we’re so far off the Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date, we’re still not sure about the exact roster. However, the website promises a “diverse cast of powerful Cookies” so we’re anticipating a wide pool of playable characters in this pre-baked battle royale. 

There you have it, that’s all we know and all you need to know about the Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date. Of course, we’ll keep this page up to date with all the freshest information, but why not keep yourself busy while you wait with our picks for the best games like Candy Crush on Switch and mobile. Or, make your own cookie characters with this snazzy selection of Super Mario cookie cutters.


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