Christina Perri Shares Blood-Clotting Diagnosis After Pregnancy Losses


Christina Perri wants to help other women who have experienced pregnancy losses.

In a new interview, the “Jar of Hearts” singer, 35, shared that she found out she had a blood-clotting disorder after she and her husband, Paul Costabile, lost their daughter Rosie, who died in utero in November 2020.

“There was so much anger and pain and sadness,” Perri told People July 13. “And there were days I couldn’t even see a future version of me.”

In January 2020, Perri and her husband—parents to 4-year-old daughter Carmella—suffered a miscarriage 11 weeks into the pregnancy. At the time, she shared the news of her miscarriage on Twitter, writing that she and Costabile were “shocked & completely heartbroken” and revealing that they were one week away from sharing the pregnancy news with the public.

“I feel like it’s also important to share this news too,” she added in her message. “I want to continue to help change the story & stigma around miscarriage, secrecy and shame.”


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