Cheer’s Jerry Harris Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison


The twin brothers, who are not linked to the counts to which Harris pleaded guilty, also filed a lawsuit against Harris in September 2020 alleging sexual exploitation and abuse. Their attorney Sarah Klein told E! News in February that the trial is set for September 2022.

In court on July 6, the 15-year-old twin brothers gave statements, which their attorney provided to E! News after the sentencing. 

“Jerry, you left me feeling so dirty and disgusted about myself,” one said in part. “Being [my brother’s] only confidant throughout that entire time took a huge toll on me, it made me feel so trapped and responsible. Because I was a little kid, I had no idea what to do… You were consuming our innocence and didn’t care at all about how you were hurting us but all we could think about was how to avoid hurting you or messing up your life!” 

His brother shared, “I have lost so much freedom and so much time as a child that I mourn every single day. I had to quit cheering at my old gym because people there disagreed with me and my family because of deciding to speak out. The only true community I had at that time I felt like I had was taken away from me for doing the right thing.” 



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