Ask New Yorkers Where Their Basics Are From—9 Times Out of 10, It's This Brand


New Yorkers are the chicest people I know, and I swear it stems from the most basic parts of their wardrobes. Yes, their designer accessories and integration of seasonal trends are also at play, but at the core, you can always find these three things: basic tops, stylish outerwear, and timeless denim. I’m always on a quest to simplify my style, so I asked my fellow city dwellers to tell me exactly where I can purchase these basic pieces. And nine times out of 10, the answer is UNIQLO. This Japanese retailer is responsible for producing high-quality apparel at an accessible price point, and New Yorkers can’t get enough. Its latest collection is inspired by effortless French style (think classic blazers and cozy ribbed sweaters), and something tells me these items won’t stay in stock for long. My fall wardrobe, for one, is begging for these new additions. Keep scrolling to shop UNIQLO’s latest arrivals.


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