Artery Gear: fusion tier list and reroll guide


Artery Gear: Fusion is yet another mobile RPG that features badass anime girls that can hold their own in a fight, and, as with any game in the genre, your chances of victory are only as strong as your weakest mech girl, which makes it vital that you know who can lead you to victory, and what characters get you to wave the white flag of surrender.

Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to dive into the mobile RPG’s roster of characters, to bring this Artery Gear: Fusion tier list to you, in which we rank the characters and their chances of success. Of course, there’s a good chance you won’t get who you want straight away, but that’s what our Artery Gear: Fusion reroll guide is for.

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Anyway, onto our Artery Gear: Fusion tier list.

Artery Gear Fusion tier list

Artery Gear: Fusion tier list

Rank Artery Gear: Fusion character
S Alice, Chihaya, Grace, Milvus, Quinn, Ruri, Roco, Shura, Sirius
A Benny, Cathy, Della, Ghost, Ginga, Hearin, Senha, Suriel, Verbana, Veronica
B Benny, Corax, Dean, Diancht, Kanna Lydia, Maika, Michelle, Morris, O4, Phantom, Sake, Shinobu, Suril, Teufel, Tolerate, Zero Four
C Andie, Beidou, Cerulean, Chiba, Chitose, Cindy, Ivey Feidy, Neisa, Nemophila Sylvia, Tony, Touka
D Caroline, Erica, Hokutou, Valeria, Nio

How do I perform an Artery Gear: Fusion reroll?

As with many mobile RPGs that feature gacha mechanics, you can reroll if you don’t get the character you want, and to do so, we advise you to follow these steps, and only use a guest account until you get who you like.

  • Fire up Artery Gear: Fusion
  • Complete the battle tutorial
  • Go to the menu
  • Select beginner gacha pulls
  • See who you get
  • If happy, link your account. If not, follow the next steps
  • Exit the game
  • Go to your phone’s settings, delete the game and all its associated data
  • Reinstall the game and repeat the process until you get the character your desire

There you have it, our Artery Gear: Fusion tier list and Artery Gear: Fusion reroll guide. If you want to test your tactical skills further, check out our best mobile strategy games list.


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