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Celebrating two years of the accelerator program, mobile technology company Appodeal Stack is opening a new round, with more features and opportunities for mobile game developers.

The accelerator program, inspired by Y Combinator, fosters the idea of helping creators worldwide to launch and scale successful mobile app businesses.

It has become more challenging for many mobile app publishers and developers to grow their apps due to limited access to sophisticated business intelligence tools and capital compared to the triple-A mobile publishing studios. To overcome these obstacles and lower industry thresholds, the Appodeal Accelerator Program suggests the following benefits for its participants:

  • Free access to business intelligence tools: product, monetisation, and user acquisition (UA) insights are merged into one dashboard and powered by machine learning (ML) forecasting for main metrics, such as estimated lifetime value (eLTV) or estimated return on ad spend (eROAS)
  • Free access to Appodeal’s monetisation SDK with A/B testing and top bidding networks (including Meta)
  • Multichannel UA campaign and creative management for streamlined UA operatipockons
  • Access to soft launch funding alongside long-term UA financing at later stages
  • Integration with key attribution partners (Appsflyer, Adjust), including free access to Adjust at pre-scale stages
  • Industry benchmarks and insights based on internal Appodeal Stack’s data
  • Free consultations with account managers
  • Highly customisable contract terms: from self-publishing with zero fees to classic revenue share-based partnership

Mobile app creators should be able to choose between self-publishing and classic publishing

Increasing applications

Over the past two years, Appodeal Accelerator has been attracting more than 2,000 applications annually. Some prominent success stories include NewPubCo and OpenMyGame studios.

From a pilot project of the Appodeal Accelerator launched in the uncertain pre-pandemic times, NewPubCo made it to the top three word game studio in the US, making its founder a millionaire. According to OpenMyGame, the program helped the company “break out of the plateau and grow in no time”, delivering impressive results of tripled income and install numbers increased by 2.5 times.

Transparency and control

“Our goal is to bring more transparency and control to the mobile app industry by democratizing access to technology and insights,” says Valerie Alfimova, chief revenue officer at Appodeal Stack. “We aim to provide enough resources for people who dream of building a mobile app business. Mobile app creators should be able to choose between self-publishing and classic publishing, and their success should depend on their actual efforts, not a slim chance of being recognised by a big publisher.”

Appodeal Accelerator invites mobile app creators to apply for its ongoing program.

Appodeal and its accelerator are free and available to any app with an ad-based or hybrid monetisation model.


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