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July 14, 2022: We added a new Anime Dimensions code to our list

Anime Dimensions allows you to travel through familiar lands from your favourite anime series, take on tough bosses in epic battles, and collect numerous characters and worlds along the way. If you love Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, or Demon Slayer, this is the Roblox game for you.

For those of you who are looking for an easy way to pick up some extra gems or boosts, our Anime Dimensions codes list is here to help. We will update this guide whenever we manage to track down a new code and will remove any expired ones as soon as possible to save you some time.

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the latest Anime Dimensions codes

Active codes:

  • ITABO120RI – 100 gems and free boosts (new!)
  • H11ANA9 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 11BESTB8OY – 100 gems and free boosts
  • NIGH7TMA1RE1 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1NIL1IN6 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • PRI11EST4ESS – 100 gems and free boosts
  • R1O1K3IA – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1SUS12KY – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 1PASTA11 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • TRYANDGUESSTHISCODE – 200 gems and free boosts
  • KONEKI6 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • FLUFFY9 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • BESTBOY8 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • SUMMER7 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • HALFTENGOKU – 100 gems and free boosts
  • ONIMIL4 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • 500MILLIONV – 500 gems and free boosts
  • oneyear – 1,600 gems and free boosts
  • KONNOMIL3 – 100 gems and free boosts
  • PETS – free pet

Expired codes:

  • GEAR5
  • 970COMBAT
  • ESDEAF960
  • 950SUNG
  • 940NOJO
  • 093000
  • 92000
  • 910KC00DE
  • 100KTOAMIL
  • 890KCODE
  • 88880K
  • HALF850K
  • 840K840
  • 800KTHANKS

A group of bright characters

What are Anime Dimensions codes?

The game’s developer releases Anime Dimensions codes to give you lots of free stuff.

How do I redeem Anime Dimensions codes?

Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming a Anime Dimensions code.

  • Open Anime Dimensions
  • Press the Twitter icon
  • Type in your code
  • Push go
  • Enjoy the free gems and boosts!

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