And Now, Your Clean-Girl Shopping List


The clean-girl look is carving itself out as one of the defining fashion aesthetics of the summer. The look has already gone viral on TikTok, marked by sleek, polished, anti-trend outfits and a specific take on no-makeup makeup that has launched its own set of buzzy tutorials on social media. You’ll probably recognize the aesthetic already, which draws on cool, minimal staples and directional proportions, such as loose tailoring, that make staples feel entirely modern.

To tap into the clean-girl aesthetic, there are some easy pieces you can add to your cart. Upsized button-downs, ’90s-inspired tank tops, sleek leather slides, classic straight-leg jeans, and polished leather bags are mainstays in the clean-girl wardrobe. Oh, and the look generally adheres to a neutral color palette. If you’re interested in test-driving the aesthetic for yourself, you’ll find the clean-girl shopping list to get you started ahead.


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