An Honest Review of SolaWave’s Skincare Wand


SolaWave suggests using the wand for at least five minutes per session, three to five times a week. Start with a cleanly washed face (make sure to dry your face after washing it), and then apply SolaWave’s Renew Complex Serum to keep skin moisturized throughout the treatment (you can swap this for your favorite serum as desired). After apply serum to the forehead, cheeks, and neck, pick up your tool and start by moving it outward from the center of the forehead down the temples on both sides.

To address under-eye bags, place the device in the corner of the under-eye area and work your way outwards. Next, move on to the cheeks and apply the wand like you would contour, keeping it pressed against your skin. Following the cheeks, do the smile line, beginning at your lips and gently pulling your skin up towards the cheeks. Finally, rub the wand against your jawline and then upwards on your neck. Voilà, that’s all it takes to successfully use the wand!


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