All the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters


Monster Hunter Rise was a great success for Capcom when it came to Switch last year, and even though completing the game properly takes around sixty hours, there’s even more content in the form of the Sunbreak DLC.

New content means new monsters, so we collected information on all the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters in one guide to get you ready for the hunt. There’s a wide range of weird and scary beasts ready to use you as a chew toy, from icy lizards to variations on a monkey-type thing, and even a brand new elder dragon.

There’s a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak event too, if you want to see what was announced there. We’ve got more guides, too, like our Monster Hunter Rise amiibo guide, or our Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide to make sure you’re up to snuff for these tough new beasts.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters

Before we get into the big guns, Capcom revealed two new smaller creatures recently, the Gowngoat and Boggi, in a tweet which you can see below.

Anyway, below are all the proper Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters, some brand new, some from previous games.

Malzeno, an elder dragon, a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster.


The Malzeno is the first creature Capcom revealed for Sunbreak, an elder dragon, and the biggest threat of the Three Lords, the main enemies of the Sunbreak DLC. As the headlining monster, they feature in the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo pack coming with the DLC.

Garangolm, a gorilla-like beast, a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster.


Garangolm is a rigid monster that looks like they’re made from stone. They have mossy stuff growing on them, looking like some ancient ruins. They attack with their big front arms in a primate-like way.

Lunagaron, an icy spiked wolf-like beast, a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster


Lunagaron is like an icy wolf, covered in crystals like Zinogre and is shaped a bit like Nargacuga. There’s a clear werewolf inspiration in its design. Lunagaron can change forms to attack on its hind legs, as well as breathe an icy mist to attack the enemy.

Astalos, a flying electric wyvern, a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster.


Any fan of Monster Hunter Generations will be tingling with nostalgia to hear that Astalos is back. Astalos can rage with electricity and destroy you with attacks, with wings that look like plant cells. It’s one of my personal favourite monsters in the series.Blood Orange Bishaten, a monkey like creature, a new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monster.

Blood Orange Bishaten

I hate Bishaten. I hate Bishaten so much. Why, Capcom, why did you give me a new variation of it to take down? This time, rather than throwing persimmons, they throw exploding pinecones, which sounds a lot easier, thanks, everyone! Their armour looks really cool though, so I’ll hunt them down either way.

monster-hunter-rise-sunbreak-monsters: A huge lizard with wings prepares to attack


The latest updates from the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event include the return of Seregios, the flagship monster from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Seregios introduced the bleed mechanic, and it sheds sharp scales – called bleed scales – which inflict a unique effect.

monster-hunter-rise-sunbreak-monsters: a blue lizard-like monster resembles a banshee


Next is Aurora Somnacanth, a sub-species of a monster introduced in Rise that attacks with ice. It releases cold air to freeze things and slides around on the ice to attack hunters.

monster-hunter-rise-sunbreak-monsters: a large monster with whiskers glows red with magma


Another new variant is Magma Almudron, a fire-focused sub-species of the mud-slinging monster. This version glows with a red hue when it reaches a special heated state, and flings magma instead of mud to burn its foes.

Gore Magala

The flagship beast from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the gruesome Gore Magala is a true challenge for any hunters out there. The six-limbed wyvern doesn’t have eyes, using its other senses to stalk its prey. It also brings its signature Franzy Virus to the battle, which you can spot by the black and purple mist it scatters.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: the thonred monster Espinas roars menacingly


After a long absence, the thorned wyvern Espinas finally returns after first being introduced in Monster Hunter Frontiers. With it’s intimidating horns this is one fearsome enemy, and you had better watch out for that signature pink horn on its head, which is filled with venom. It can also throw powerful toxic fireballs, so take this one seriously!

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: A giant crab like enemy

Shogun Ceanataur

That’s right, another giant enemy crab. Shogen Ceanatuar boasts an intimidating silhouette, as it uses its massive claws to form a shield for defence. It can still rip you apart with its powerful pincers though, so don’t slack around this creepy crustacean.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: On top of a volcano there is a gigantic spider spitting fire

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

Personally, I felt Rakna-Kadaki was intimidating enough already. Well, here comes Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, a new fiery subspecies that can blast out flame-infused strands of silk, and unleashes superheated Rachnoid. I don’t think killing it with fire will work here, best to plan another strategy.

Monster Hunter Rise new monsters: a white coloured Narcacuga sits atop a hill bathed in moonlight

Lucent Nargacuga

Very little is known about this one yet, as Lucent Narcacuga is announced to be a part of the first major content update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Expected to release in August 2022, learn more about this new creature soon. As well as this, Capcom outlined more updates with more monsters, levels, and additional content, all the way through to 2023.

There you have it, all the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters. They look fun, right? Check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak armour guide to see what you can make from these beasts, or we’ve got a Monster Hunter Rise monsters guide if you want to grind out some items in the base game.


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