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Mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust has launched its new analytics solution, Adjust Datascape.

Designed to deliver KPIs and performance metrics more quickly and easily, Adjust Datascape will provide marketers access to data from network APIs, consented app tracking transparency installs, and more.

Marketers will be able to customise dashboards and reports to visualise user growth with Datascape, and analyse SKAN data, such as performance marketing metrics and the success of targeted campaigns.

A dynamic industry

“A mobile app’s success in this dynamic industry depends on smart and fast decision-making,” said Adjust CEO Simon Dussart.

“As an enterprise-ready solution, Datascape solves marketers’ needs to easily view and analyse what’s working, or what isn’t, across multiple campaigns. Having this overview of their business performance and this level of insights, all in one place, allows marketers to optimise their strategy and focus on growth.”

French hypercasual publisher Voodoo is one user of Datascape. Its head of growth David Ribeiro commented: “Datascape allows our team to have complete, centralised visibility over all of our campaigns and apps to analyse marketing results. This way, our team is able to spot trends, compare performance easily against previous time periods, and act quickly and efficiently to implement changes to our strategy.”

Earlier this year, Voodoo revealed that it had surpassed 6 billion downloads across its portfolio of hypercasual games, with one billion downloads generated between July 2021 and February 2022.


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