A Mighty Harvest of Acronyms



I’ve mentioned it before, but I have the best readers ever.


Yesterday’s post was a call for the most entertaining acronyms folks have come across.  I mentioned some of my own, such as a proposed office for Academic Support Services.  I should have mentioned the Academic Management Operations Committee, or AMOC (pronounced amuck).  I liked to say that once a month I run AMOC.


Suffice it to say, folks answered the call.  Some highlights:


Institute for Curatorial Practice and Performance (at Wesleyan): ICPP sounds silly when you spell it out loud.


Budget Allocation Resource Forms – BARFs.  This may be my favorite.  It’s almost Freudian.


Audiology and Speech Sciences – I’ll leave this as an exercise for the reader.


Highest Paid Person’s Opinion – HIPPO.  We’ve all been there.


KIndergarten Readiness Assessment Program – You’d think someone would have noticed…


College-Wide Assessment Committee – CWAC (“quack”).  I tried appropriating this one, but this duck didn’t fly.  A missed opportunity, if you ask me.


Outreach, Business, and Community Development – OBCD (“obesity”).  It looks okay until you say it…


Special Committee on the Undergraduate Revision of General Education — SCOURGE.  This one works hard, but the payoff is there.


Standing Committee on Relevant Extracurricular Workshops – SCREW.  Apparently, this one had a short shelf life.  Longer than CWAC, though.


Sciences, Engineering, and Computer Science – SECS.  Freudian slip or savvy marketing?  You make the call.


“Every Good Acronym Deserves to Shine” – EGADS.


Committee on Research and Priorities – self-explanatory…


Florida Institute of Materials Science and Engineering – FLIMSE.  This one reminds me of the Fluke Moving Company – “If it gets there on time, it’s a Fluke!”


Data Analysis and Social Inquiry Lab – DASIL (“dazzle”).  It lends itself to t-shirts.


Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion  – JEDI.  I like this one a lot.  It connotes fighting the good fight.


Student Advocacy and Student Services Center – SASSC (“sassy”).  It had a certain panache.


Washington State Community and Technical Colleges – WACTC (“whacked”)


State College and University Managers – This one has to be apocryphal.  It just has to.


And the poli sci nerd classic…


Committee to Re-Elect the President – CREEP.   A bit on-the-nose, but there it is.


If you read this far, I hope you didn’t consider this post a WOMBAT (“waste of money, brains, and time.”)  


Thanks again to all the good sports and careful readers out there!





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