9 Fashion Micro-Trends That Will Be Everywhere Soon


Here at Who What Wear, we focus a lot of our energy on showing you the biggest trends of the season, and while we’ll never stop covering the heavy hitters, there are several micro-trends worthy of honorary mentions. While these aren’t causing major style moves yet, we firmly believe that it’s only a matter of time until they graduate from micro to macro, or in other words, from niche to mainstream.

After hours of online shopping (all in the name of research!), I’m sharing the nine micro-trends on my radar at the moment. I’ve double-tapped these pieces when I spotted them in my feed and noticed them stocked at several key retailers, which tells me that each one is on the brink of becoming huge—plus, they’re just plain beautiful to look at. From the upsized sequins that will soon define party dressing to the trucker hats that are ultra-popular on TikTok, keep reading for fashion’s coolest micro-trends of 2022.


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