8 Non-Dated Skinny-Jeans Outfits That Are So Chic to Wear


As I write this, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m almost too tired to get into the skinny-jeans debate yet again, but I chose this topic, so here we go. If you need a crash course, about a month or so ago, Gen Zers on TikTok declared millennials’ beloved skinny jeans passé, and the responses on both sides were passionate, to say the least. As a millennial who doesn’t wear skinny jeans all that much, I think I’m a pretty neutral party to offer some perspective on this topic.

I fully recognize and respect that many people of both generations simply don’t want to part with their skinny jeans. So the key to making them look cool and fresh lies in the way you style them. I found eight non-dated outfit examples that make skinny jeans look every bit as cool as Gen Z–approved baggy jeans. Scroll to check them out for yourself and shop items (including skinny jeans) needed to re-create them.


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