8 Newer Designer Bags We’re Just Starting to See Everywhere


Can you recall the first designer bag you ever had? For me, it was a gift from my father—a ’90-inspired rainbow-hued Coach bag with an aqua blue shoulder strap that I wore to death. The joy that my first bag brought me turned me into somewhat of a purse aficionado. I’m always stalking the runway to spot which bag trends are bubbling up, I’m forever scrolling through The RealReal for hidden gems, and I am scouring sales hoping to secure a bag for less. Basically, I’m a bag lady to my core. And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you, too, have a thing for handbags. However, just because we love our bags doesn’t mean that discerning which designer handbags are worth the investment comes easy.

It makes it more challenging because there’s not only a constant stream of new designer bags, but we’re generally pickier. The bag ladies are all chasing that original euphoric feeling our first bag gave us, and if we’re being honest, not every bag can conjure butterflies. So, which styles can make us giddy again? Ahead, we did some research around recent luxury drops, along with digging around Instagram to identify the 8 newest designer handbags to be excited about right now. These are not only gaining popularity with the fashion set but they’re bound to make you feel like a child with an exciting new toy (in the best way possible). 


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