7 Puddle Pants Outfits to Wear If You’re Tired Of Your Jeans


At 5’3″, I’ve always gravitated towards cropped pants. My tailor was my best friend, and I even used my high school sewing skills to hem items when I was on a time crunch. It’s not that I don’t love the look of puddle pants—they add this effortless touch to an outfit that I truly admire. And as a modest dresser, the sartorial shift towards looser and baggier silhouettes is a happy change. But being short, I was unsure as to how they’d look on me. Turns out, I just wasn’t styling them correctly. After taking notes from the fashion set, I was able to start incorporating the style into my everyday wardrobe flawlessly. Since the style is a bit baggier, it takes a little bit more thinking to play around with silhouettes and proportion. What once was something I was too afraid to wear now has become what I reach for almost every day—more than my favorite jeans, too.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of my cropped pants entirely, but I like that I now have a variety of lengths to work with in my wardrobe. If you too have been wondering how to style a pair of full-length trousers, I rounded up the looks that inspired me. Keep scrolling to see the looks and shop the best puddle pants on the market right now. 


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