6 Thin Hair Mistakes Hairstylists Want You To Avoid


Thin hair can be difficult. And the thing is, much like how one skincare product might work for your friend, but won’t agree with your skin, the same goes for hair products and hair thickening advice. Different hair tips and tricks will have varying success among hair types and textures. For instance, I’ve watched friends create tumbling, voluminous waves using a hair straightener on their hair, but when I try to replicate it on my own hair, the curls will never hold (I personally find a hair wand or tong will give me long-lasting curls). Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to make fine hair look fuller, it can pay to experiment with different techniques to see what works for your unique hair.

However, there are some thin hair principles that hairstylists all agree on for creating the illusion of thicker, bouncy hair. “The basic rules of hair volume is that hair sets in two ways,” says Paul Percival, expert hairstylist and founder of Percy & Reed.  “You can create volume with heat, taking it from hot back to cold, or from wet hair to dry. These are the two ways you can manipulate your hair,” he says. Essentially, your hair wash and how you style your hair—and let it cool— are the two biggest factors to remember when creating thicker hair.


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