6 Shoe Trends That Work The Best For Travel


At the risk of sounding dramatic, packing the wrong shoes for a trip can be a potential nightmare. I can say this from experience and you probably can too. I walk a lot more when I travel than I do during my everyday work-from-home life. This and the fact that I live in the South and drive everywhere contributes to the fact that I don’t always prioritize comfort when shoe shopping, but I’m sure to invest in a few pairs with travel in mind every season (as in comfort and walkability being the MO).

The good news about the current shoe trends is that there are plenty that are perfectly suited for vacation-related adventures. They’re both stylish and walkable (even the heels). And the great thing about travel-friendly shoes is that they’re obviously not solely reserved for travel (in fact, it’s best to test out and break in any shoes you’re thinking of packing in advance).

Scroll on if you’re going on a trip and are in need of some suitable shoes (or if you just need some shoes in general).


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