6 Fall Denim Trends We’re About to See Everywhere


Fall is coming in hot and so are the new fall denim trends that will have a hold on the season to come. While jeans are 100% the mainstays in our closets, they’re certainly not immune to the ebb and flow of the trend cycle. Personally, I don’t buy new jeans every single season—my shopping cadence tends to be lean more yearly—but I always like to keep up-to-date on what the key silhouettes of the season are so I can either pull something out of my closet that aligns with them or perhaps dabble in a new style if I’m so inspired.

This season, there’s six new trends that we think you should be aware of. We saw these coming down the runway in the fall ’22 collections but seeing them on Instagram and in the new arrivals sections has only solidified their importance. The big themes to know? Jeans are getting longer and baggier, waistlines are dipping lower, and the proclivity towards the early aughts is only growing stronger. With that, continue on to discover the details of each silhouette, where it appeared in the fall collections, how fashion people have already adopted it in their own outfits, and even our favorite shopping picks.


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