50 Fabulous Finds From the Black-Owned Brands to Shop RN


Let’s be honest: deciding what to put on your shopping list requires more deliberation than we all care to admit. We all have been there, spending gratuitous amounts of time searching for the best fall staples or what new trends are worth our time. It’s an arduous process. But I find that, no matter what else is on my wishlist for the season or how much time I’ve spent scouring the internet, I always end up buying things from smaller brands, especially Black-owned brands. 

You could call it bias (considering I am a Black woman), but it all comes down to wanting to find unique pieces and support brands doing something special. There’s something magical about sparking up a conversation with a stranger because they’re carrying a bag from a Black-owned brand or being able to watch a Black creative’s work finally gain the recognition it deserves across the industry. These feelings, for me, are worth any price tag and keep me committed to shopping (and donning) Black designer’s work. For me, it’s not a once-a-year thing (though it is Black Business month); it’s a 365-days-a-year type of thing. But I get that not everyone is there yet, and sometimes you just need to invest in a few great pieces to get you kick-started. 

So, in that vein, I’ve rounded up 50 fabulous fashion finds from Black-owned and founded brands at every price point. Warning: this may make your shopping wishlist way longer. 


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