5 NYC Fashion Girl–Approved Outfits for Summer


Summer in NYC is unlike any other season in the city. It empties out a bit after people sneak away to their Hamptons homes and bungalows upstate, the New York City college students head back to their home states for the summer, and people jet away for European summer and other vacations. With that said, many of us stay in the city for the majority of the summer, and I’ve got to say those of us who have stayed back have been sporting our best summer looks on the slightly emptier streets of the Big Apple. Summer in New York is one of my favorite times of the year. Between rooftop drinks, days at the park spent laying out, weekend brunch outside, and day parties, it’s truly a time to have fun and reset before the city is back in full swing in September.  

There are five outfits, in particular, that I have been seeing on repeat while out in the city, scrolling through Instagram/TikTok, and in the office and at networking events with my co-workers and fellow fashion colleagues. Some of the outfits are classic fashion-person summer staples, like a great maxi dress paired with sandals, and some are little on the trendier side, like a corset top worn with a satin midi skirt or a scarf top styled with loose trousers. 

Keep scrolling to see all five outfits I’m seeing around NYC.


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