5 Bags Editors Love, and the Essentials Stored Inside


If you’re a handbag lover (ahem, like the writer of this story), you’re going to be quite thrilled at the inspiration coming your way. That’s right. We, the editors here at WWW are giving insight into the specific bags we’re carrying right now. The silhouettes in question are basically deemed as true outfit makers.

But we’re not talking just about the design and fashion aspect here. The said bag silhouettes are also functional in that they hold all of our essentials. So yes, we’re taking this one step further to showcase the items we keep in our day bags as well to give a better sense of our personal style and what we each believe are staples. You know, in the vein of those “what’s in my bag videos.”  Included in the mix is everything from beauty products for touch-ups, little snacks, trending wallets and pouches, and more.


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