4 Ways to Style Chic Bags for Summer


This summer is going to be all about confident, main-character energy, and without a doubt, I will be dressing accordingly. Why wait? I’m starting now with statement looks that range from casual to dressy depending entirely on my mood. But my one non-negotiable is a standout bag that’s equal parts versatile and chic.

Meet Lola, the bag every cool girl is either already wearing or will be wearing very soon. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this bag ever since I saw Bella Hadid (arguably the CEO of cool girls) wearing one in Burberry’s recent campaign. My favorite in the collection is the small crossbody style, offered in 24 colors (yes, I counted), all of which feature the iconic TB hardware, an ode to the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry. This bag is the perfect accessory no matter what persona you’re embodying this season, which is very much evident in these four looks.


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