32 of the Best Fall H&M Items


It can often be difficult for me to stay present, but I try to enjoy and savor every moment during the summer. I was doing a pretty good job this year until I came across all the new fall products at H&M. Despite the massive heat wave in Los Angeles right now, I was somehow unable to resist the urge to add every sweater on the site to my shopping cart. The assortment of new fall finds at this affordable retailer has me itching for the shift of the season, but until then, I’ll just start my cool-weather shopping a little earlier. 

Whether you’re in the market for sweaters, trousers, bags, or the latest trends, the assortment below will fill every sartorial need and more. The best part? Almost everything here is under $100 which means you won’t have to feel more guilty than you should for buying a sweater when it’s 90 degrees out. 


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