31 Stylish Under-$300 Summer Bags


I love a chic designer piece as much as the next person, but summer just hits different when it comes to handbag styles. Structured silhouettes and dark leathers feel too serious for the lazy days of summer so fashion girls generally gravitate toward styles with a bit more personality. Color, beads, crochet, and natural materials become the main characters until September rolls around again. This allows you to add some personality to your look during a time when high temps require the rest of your outfit to be more minimal. 

I’m one of the said fashion girls that benches my usual bags during summer in favor of more playful styles, so I’ve recently been on the hunt for fresh options. Since these bags do have a shorter wearability window I like to stay in the under $300 price point, and our favorite retailers clearly understood the assignment because there are too many fun options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a high-saturation shade, beads, prints, or a woven texture, consider all of your stylish summer handbag needs covered. Keep reading to see and shop the best under-$300 options I found. 


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