30 New Zara Arrivals Approved by a Fashion Editor


I love a good Zara haul, and after years of shopping at the retailer both online and in-store, I have become somewhat of a Zara guru. I can always figure out how to spot the best finds—the ones that will sell out fast or will quickly go viral and be in the closet of every Zara lover, myself included. The Zara sale was pretty epic (there were markdowns as low as $13), and when a retailer is having a sale, it usually is making room for all of the shiny new arrivals that will be gracing the sale floor and eventually our closets. 

This round of new arrivals is absolutely gorgeous. I’m seeing great prints, denim that could pass for designer, shoes I can’t wait to try on, and tank tops I could live in. When I shop, I like to keep a few things in mind. I ask myself, “How many times can I wear/style this item?” If the answer is not at least three, I don’t buy it. I also ask, “Is this a piece of clothing my best self would wear?” And if it’s not, it doesn’t make the cut.

Keep scrolling to check out the 30 new Zara arrivals that did.


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