30 New In Pieces From Emerging Designers


While there’s a time and place for Zara and H&M, today we’re shopping a bit off the beaten path. Emerging and indie brands make up a good chunk of my current wardrobe, and in between my basics, I like to sprinkle in pieces that are a bit more directional and highly specific (like this wonderfully crinkly corset from one of my favorite independent boutiques, Maimoun). There’s also the satisfaction of finding something completely unique that not many other people will have. The bragging rights of being the first to wear something cool is all yours. 

Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram, discovering new places to shop is as simple as opening an app. Each time I scroll through, I religiously save brands or designers I’m interested in going back and shopping through later. Using my fashion editor research skills, I went through my saves and the web to find 30 of the best new arrivals from brands that aren’t as obvious. There are a few editor-beloved brands like Pixie Market and Source Unknown, and some new designers to add to your Rolodex too. Keep scrolling to shop them all.


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