20 Beauty Items Every Makeup Artist I’ve Talked to Loves


Being the makeup and beauty-obsessed child and pre-teen that I was, I used to comb through my monthly magazine subscriptions—think Allure, Cosmo, InStyle, and more—and cut out every last product recommendation and piece of advice from the most elite makeup artists. Said cutouts would then be pasted into a precociously detailed scrapbook/binder filing situation, and eventually, I’d refer to them the next time I begged my mom to take me to Sephora. (Clearly, I’ve found the right career path.)

Well, pinch me, because these days, I get to meet and interview all of those legendary makeup artists I used to read about and worship, and sometimes I even get to play fly on the wall as they work their magic and prep A-list clientele before events and red carpets. While I no longer have that ancient filing system from my youth, I do keep a detailed brain log of the It products I see used again and again by the best makeup pros in the business—whether it’s skin prep essentials or long-lasting makeup staples. And below, I’m sharing! Keep scrolling for 20 beauty items all of the industry’s best makeup artists absolutely love.


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