17 Best Fragrance-Free Sunscreens That You’ll Wear Every Day


The key to remembering to wear sunscreen every day? Use one that you actually like to wear. And everyone has their different preferences. Some people want a spray formula that’s easy to apply and doesn’t cause much mess. Others prefer a lightweight face sunscreen that can be worn with makeup. Some prioritize “clean” and mineral versions.

A preference that can be divisive when it comes to sunscreen is the fragrance vs. no fragrance debate. There are sunscreens that are formulated to smell like you’re on a tropical island—with scents of coconut, banana, and flowers. And some people really love when their sunscreen can double as a daily fragrance. And then there are the people who want to avoid fragrance at all costs, either because they’re allergic to it or because it’s just irritating to their noses (or both).

For those of you who are in the no-fragrance camp, I’m on board with you. Partly because my sensitive skin can get irritated by certain scents and partly because I’d rather choose my own perfume to layer on. Since there are actually quite a few sunscreens out there that have fragrance (and you wouldn’t really know until you read the bottle!), I’ve compiled a list of the best fragrance-free sunscreens I could find. Now there are no excuses for not wearing SPF.


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