11 Corset-Top Outfits I Can’t Wait to Try This Season


I’m always here for a period drama, mostly for the outfits, and the Bridgerton costume department hasn’t disappointed with its fashionable take on bustles and empire gowns. Perhaps, however, the corset top is the most malleable Bridgerton-inspired piece you can add to your wardrobe.

If you doubt the show’s influence on our outfits, let me enlighten you. Intel from Depop shows that corset tops are currently number three on the most-searched-for items on the fashion resale platform. Furthermore, in the last three months, there has been a 155% increase in searches for the term “Regency core,” also on Depop. I feel seen. 

So whether you’re fully subscribing to the Regency-core aesthetic or are looking for a subtler way to bestow your looks with Bridgerton flair, I have the solution. Scroll below to see 11 cool and chic corset-top outfits you’ll want to try for yourself. 


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