11 Best Midsize Swimwear Brands to Shop Year Round


Before you can find yourself sitting in the sand, soaking up the sun and listening to the waves crash in the background, one essential step is required: finding the perfect swimsuit. It’s a task that seems easy in theory, but anyone who’s midsize, bustier, or generally curvy can tell you that far from the truth. Yes, many brands have made strides in the right direction (like using more sustainably sourced materials and extending their sizing), but in no way will every brand be worth your well-earned attention. In fact, it’s become apparent that as more critical conversations around creating size-inclusive clothing happen, brands are marketing that they cater to curves without actually doing the work. A fact that can become ever-apparent when one slips into the dressing room or unboxes an online purchase only to find that upon trying on, the swimsuit fails to live up to the expectations.

There’s nothing more disappointing than that moment; when you realize you can’t fit a bikini bottom on your hips, a one-piece swimsuit will not get over your shoulders, or when your bust is literally busting out of your bikini top. But possibly the worst offense of all is when after all the wiggling you’ve done to get yourself into this swimsuit, you realize it’s fugly. I would not wish that moment on anyone, and luckily there are swim brands out there creating suits that will not only suit your curves but are super cute too. So, in that vein, we’ve done some research to round up the 11 best midsize swimwear brands to shop for right now. Your perfect swimsuit awaits…


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